Jason Mraz & Raining Jane at Queen E October 23, 2014

Framed photos by: Peter So Photography, Vancouver, BC 

The concert began with Jason coming out in front of the curtain to chat and introduce Raining Jane.  They did two songs and Mona told the story of how they met Jason.  Then Jason joined them for "Lucky/Sweet Dreams" and "Dynamo of Volition" VIDEO: http://youtu.be/DcjpUzW7BDw where he starts off talking about the word game that he plays with other musicians and how Dynamo was not supposed to be a song.  A little bit of "Won't You Be My Neighbor" and then they gathered around one microphone (Jason joking that he likes using one mic and being surrounded by lovely lady musicians) and launched into "Hello, You Beautiful Thing", "Make It Mine" VIDEO:  http://youtu.be/OoYd2Dzx4rc?list=UUO9NWxJDI2GXNKWypIyObIg , "Long Drive" and "Quiet". 

 I especially enjoyed the old school Mraz solo of "Tonight, Not Again" VIDEO: http://youtu.be/6QfpTrrOZOo where he talked about how he started making noises to fill in the gaps of his songs, and how when he started singing the word Love (la, la, love, love, love, love, love) that more people starting coming to his coffee shop shows (at 4min mark).



Jason talked between the songs, maded jokes, played the guitar behind his head, and got the audience to participate on several songs.  I had been tweeting my request to the Mraz Team over the past month for Jason to do "Mr. Curiosity" which he performed in Vancouver at the Commodore Ballroom in 2003 and totally blew me away! That was the one and only time he did this song in Vancouver.  I have always wanted to hear it live again, and he did!  Unfortunately, my camera decided to not record!! I got, only the last bit of the song when the band joined in.  Oh, well, there is an excellent professional version on the Official Jason Mraz channel!  "Bottom of the Sea" was so fun because of the video of Jason & Mona's trip to Antartica playing behind it!

There was a short intermission aka "INNER-MISSION" and Mai, Shaska, Mona and Becky joined Jason on stage to sing "Love Someone".   There was beautiful imagery in the background throughout the show. 

Jason showed us pictures of his garden and the food he is growing, and it really felt like we were in his back yard during "Back To The Earth".  Heart beats started the next song, big surprise: BUSHWALLA! beatboxing and doing a little soft rap to a lovely version of "Plane" VIDEO:  http://youtu.be/u2rJUEhIJlY?list=UUO9NWxJDI2GXNKWypIyObIg while Becky rocked it on the sitar.


In front of a background of our galaxy, Jason sang "93 Million Miles", one of my favorites from "LOVE", and "A World With You". Another favorite of the night was "Shine" which started off slow, but ramped up towards the end with Mona beating her drums and getting the crowd clapping.  VIDEO:  http://youtu.be/U0xNQPYsSyo?list=UUO9NWxJDI2GXNKWypIyObIg 


Jason brought out the ukulele for "I'm Yours" and they finished off the show with "I Won't Give Up".  During the standing ovation, they took a photo with the crowd in the background.   Raining Jane did a great job of backing up Jason, their harmonies were spot on and beautiful.  Being in Row 9, it was intimate, entertaining, funny and fun (but too short)!





Summer of YES!  New album release July 15, 2014

YES, YES, YES!!  It's finally here, the new album collaboration with Jason & Raining Jane. I've pre-ordered my deluxe CD Package!  Here is the first song "Love Someone" (it takes a few seconds to load):




Jason Mraz at Rogers Arena September 21, 2012

I purchased my tickets back in April with the fan pre-sale code.  That means I had the chance to buy VIP meet & greet tickets, but couldn't afford it.  I entered all the meet and greet contests I could find and put a lot of positive thoughts towards winning one.  Good news!  I won a VIP meet and greet experience from a local radio station (which included a set of tickets which I donated to a Jason Mraz Foundation charity), got a limo ride to the show, and met Jason Mraz for the first time! Words cannot convey my excitement.  I just about cried!  I told him I had 1000 Things to say to him but I had narrowed it down to two things, and put the rest in a letter (no there really wasn't 1000 things in the letter).  He was so nice, soft-spoken, and we chatted for about 5 minutes before he signed something for me.  

We got back into the stadium just as Christina Perri launched into her second song. I enjoyed her set, she had some very energetic songs mixed in with her hits. And she mentioned how when she was 17 she had a dream...to sing with Jason Mraz. She was doing autographs after her set and we had a bracelet to do that.  A huge Perri fan was in line before us. She was anticipating meeting Christina as much I had meeting Jason.  When she got to the front of the line and realized she had to have a bracelet she started crying, so we gave her ours.

We made it back to our 2nd row seats just in time for the lights to go out.   Jason started off with Everything is Sound (with Mona doing the whistling) and segued into The Remedy.  I snapped a few pictures and then put my camera away to enjoy the rest of the concert.  It was so much fun, with a nice mix of old and new songs.  Jason seemed to be having a really good time, chatting a bit between songs. He did a very touching song, which I first heard in January 2011, that was co-written with the members of Raining Jane (which includes Mona Tavakoli) called When We Die.  Every song is a favorite, so it's hard to pick only one, but Plane was very powerful.  I loved the theatrically of it...Jason didn't play is guitar, but played airplane, watch:


Then Jason sat down on the edge of the opposite side of the stage from where we were and did This Is What Our Love Looks Like, and was slowly joined by the rest of the band members for I'm Coming Over/Going Up The Country.  He did a beautiful rendition of Unfold and finished off with I'm Yours/Three Little Birds.

It didn't take very long for them to come back for the encore, and Jason said they had to cut a few songs from the encore because he'd chatted too much.   Christina came out to do Distance and then he did one of my favorite songs on the new album, co-written with old friend Michael Natter, 93 Million Miles.  The crowd joined in for I Won't Give Up, as did members of Christina Perri's band. 

But the best part was, as they were all leaving the stage, he looked right at me, made a heart with his hands, and mouthed "Thank you, (my name)"  I just about died!

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 Everything Is Sound
The Remedy (I Won't Worry)
Make It Mine
Live High

Signed, Sealed, Delivered (Stevie Wonder cover)
Who's Thinking About You Now?
Fly Me to the Moon (Frank Sinatra cover)
You and I Both
Sleeping to Dream
Living in the Moment
Frank D. Fixer
When We Die
The Woman I Love
A Beautiful Mess
You Fuckin' Did It
This Is What Our Love Looks Like
I'm Coming Over / Going Up The Country
I'm Yours / Three Little Birds

(with Christina Perri)
93 Million Miles
I Won't Give Up

Jason Mraz Plays Free Concert in Whistler, BC

Jason Mraz was joined by his long time friend Toca Rivera for an acoustic concert in Whistler, BC, the first of the Jason & Toca duo shows.

They did a 20 min. or so soundcheck, playing "I Never Knew You" (which we first heard in the "Jason goes to New York" video, "Won't you be my Neighbor" (Mr. Rogers),"Be Love", and a new song....anyone know what it's called?

He started the set with "I Never Knew You". " This first song is about forgetfulness," he joked because Toca forgot to stand up to start playing.  We first heard this song in the "Jason goes to New York" video.  During "Would you be my Neighbour" he kidded |I hope to meet a few friends here so I can come back when the snow fall.  I've been know to tear it up on the mountain once or twice, on my face. I love tubing!" transitioning into Lucky, singing "I feel you Whistler across the sea" and doing a verse in Spanish joking "That's for you french Canada" and "Now in Japanese...oooohooo...oooohooo, thank you Rosetta Stone".  The crowd enthusiastically sang along to You & I Both, The Remedy, and Butterfly and doing the high fives for Dynamo of Volition.  The Beatles tune "In My Life" was followed by one of my fav's "What Would Love Do" which transitioned into another fav, "Beautiful Mess" which had slightly different harmonies.  Then he started to sing into the hole in the guitar, creating a really cool echoing effect with his voice moving smoothly into "Plane".


"Everyone has done something correct, to end up in this place. You've made great choices in your life.  It's a big world, and there's a heck of a lot of crazy stuff going on out there.  It seems pretty peaceful here.  Fresh air...activities...good musak...excited people...gratitude.  So to be respectful of the fresh ears, I just want to say, you F'n did it"   The crowd loved the new song "You Fucking Did it" it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!  The harmonies by Toca were beautiful (as always) and it was nice to see him playing the cajon a few times throughout the evening.  The encore was I'm Yours/Three Little Birds, and after a set of 18 aMRAZing songs, they called it a night.

Whistler Concert PLAYLIST           CONCERT PHOTOS

Set List - Whistler, BC August 5, 2011:

1. I Never Knew You
2. Would you be my Neighbor
3. Lucky
4. Frank D. Fixer
5. You & I Both
6. The Remedy
7. Sail Away
8. Dynamo
9. Only Human
10. In My Life
11. What Would Love Do
12. Beautiful Mess
13. Plane
14. They Shaped My Life
15. You Fucking Did It
16. What Mama Say
17. Butterfly
18. I'm Yours/Three Little Birds

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"For me, music is the closest I may ever get to realizing what God is. Music is an awesome invisible force that gets under your skin, makes you dance and has the power to transform you. I'm the most at ease when I'm wrapped up in a song or deep inside the mania of the creative process. Success to me is the exploration of sound and vibrations and the freedom that exists when you dwell in those spaces. Awards and recognition are always encouraging and nice to receive, but they're just a pageant show compared to the real reward that music gives. Therefore, I'll be writing songs and setting stages for a long time to come. I'm hooked on it. And I'm grateful."

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I also loooove this thread from RKOP, it has some great pictures!  "Your Favorite Picture(s)"


You have to see Jason Mraz perform live to experience the fullness of his beautiful tenor voice, his melodic, nimble wordplay, and soulfulness  on stage.  He’s playful, funny and spontaneous and understands music’s power to uplift and empower people.   Jason's music makes people happy and on stage, happiness is exactly what Jason delivers!

Well known for his clever, inspired way with words, Jason's songwriting talents were recently recognized when he received the Songwriters Hall of Fame's esteemed "Hal David Starlight Award" at the organization's 40th anniversary gala.  The award-given to gifted songwriters who are making an impact in the music industry via their original songs.

Jason picked up two Grammies for 2010:  Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for 'Make It Mine' and Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals for 'Lucky' with Colbie Caillat!

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